The Hansen farm and stories of its people

Letter From Niels to Peter

The following letter was written to Peter Hansen in 1903 by his cousin, Niels Hansen, who was in New Jersey at the time. It was unknown to Niels that Peter had already passed away in an accident on the Columbia river several months prior.

Hoboken 3rd March 1903

Dear Cousin

I would like to send you a few words because I made a trip back home and have just returned. I went home last fall to get married, but when I came home I found that my fiancé was giving birth, so that marriage didn’t happen. I am sending you greetings from all of them at Agerso. How are you? You are probably soon a big farmer. I am in Hoboken at this time. I am thinking about getting my own rik next summer. This will cost quite a sum of money to gather. If you could ask them and let me know please. Would you say hello to those in Astoria. Hans Petersen is there isn’t he? My brother is also here. He has no work. He says he wants to go west. Many loving greetings to you and your family from me your devoted cousin Niels Hansen.

Niels Hansen
Enker Ch. Petersen
254 11 St Hoboken
New Jersey