The Hansen farm and stories of its people

Letter To Peter From His Mother In Denmark

This letter was written by Johanne Hansen in Agerso, Denmark, to Peter Hansen at the farm, in January 1894. Johanne died in April of the same year.

Agersø January 28th 1894

Dear son

Thank you so much for your loving letter that I received with great joy, from which I learn that you are healthy and doing well, for which I thank the good God in Heaven. Dear son, I can inform you that I am not as well as I could be. I have been ill for four months now, but it is not my heart because I am able to walk around and eat some food. But I have this fever in my body and my feet are swollen and I need to go to bed early in the evening. But I need to be patient for my time here may not be much longer, which I don’t find too bad if life becomes a struggle.

Dear son, I hope I wont be laying in bed too long at the end. I have good neighbours and last Christmas I got good food, just as I did the previous Christmas. Dear son, you write that I must not think that you have forgotten me, but I have often wondered why you haven’t written to me and worried that you might be ill. Then again I thought if that was the case Niels could have sent me a few words to let me know how you are doing. I see that Niels have bought a boat. It is good that he has settled down, because there is no point in sailing around on the big oceans. There are so many young people travelling to America to find a living. They come from here and from Oma Kristian Møllers Kristian left for America last spring. Hans Deins Hans didn’t like it there (in America). He learnt how to make clogs and is now home. Dear son, the day I received your letter the old shoemaker was buried. He died at his daughters house in Sjælland, but was brought here to be buried. There are now three old men and they are all almost 90. My dear, I can tell you that I now get «old age payment». Everyone who has turned 60 years old gets that. I get DKR 20.- a year, so I could do very well if I only were healthy, because you support me too.

Dear son, I don’t have much more to tell you. I wish you a happy new year and that you will stay healthy and do well. And I would also like to wish Niels a happy new year and a lot of good luck with his boat. Your uncle and his entire family send their greetings saying they are healthy and doing well. The same from all good friends and aquaintances. Dear son, I send you a thousands greetings from your old mother, who wish that God in Heaven will look after us all until we meet again in joy.

Fare well and live well my dear son. That is the wish from your mother.

Johanne Hansen