The Hansen farm and stories of its people

Letter From Peter To Augusta

This letter was written by Peter Hansen to Augusta Hansen during the summer of 1898. Peter was working as a fisherman in Astoria, Augusta and children were living on the farm.

Astoria 9th July 1898

Dear loving wife and children,

Thank you so much for your dear letter which I received with great joy. I see that you all are doing well, working and struggling. I am happy to hear that you are able to do so well. I will probably pay God for having pulled the hay now that there are so many about it. Yes, dear, it will be better. But you will have to excuse me for my letters. I am unable to send them faster than the Post is able to. I got your dear letter last Tuesday and replied immediately thinking that you, my love, would want to get it today. I know that you are longing and so am I, but now we can count the days. One more month. Tomorrow it is all over. There is not much fish yet though find work with those down at the barracks. Peterson og Lindstrøm is doing pretty well the last few weeks, but there are several that haven’t caught any fish yet, and I don’t think I will catch many this year, as the net is old. So if I want to catch more fish I must have a new net, but I will not buy a new net this year.

Let it be as well as can be, and we will see what next year will bring. I would prefer to stay at home with you my dear girl. Sending my love to Jens, Pete, Emma, August, Ole, Klara and you my little darling from your own boy, who whishes that God in heaven will look after us all until we happily meet again.

Live well my love,

Peter Hansen