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Memories of Grandmother Nixon

February 2000


Ruth Gertrude Hemmersbach was born to Adam and Elizabeth Zimmerman Hemmersbach on January 21, 1874, in Henery County, Illinois.

There were no sons born to this union, so this branch of my Mothers family ended with the death of her Grandfather Adam.

Ruth married George Washington Nixon on December 28, 1893 at Creston, Iowa. She was 19 and he was 52, she was his third wife. He had numerous...

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One Week In The Life Of Me

February 2000


My days and weeks are pretty predictable. I like to get up around seven, eat an early breakfast with a cup of coffee while watching the Good Morning America show on TV. Walt leaves for wherever he is going around eight, and I start my day.

I like to plan my day after I get up. I have a chronic illness, so I have to listen to what my body tells me I am able to do.

At other times in my life...

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Johnson Family Voyage To America

This is the story of how Walter E. Hansen Sr.'s Mother's family arrived to America. It was written sometime in the 1960's by Walter Sr.'s Uncle Francis.

As per request! A summary of our journey from Finland to the U.S.A.

On Monday, November 15, 1916, our cousin Lina, Uncle John's daughter, came and took us youngsters, Esther, who had her 9th birthday while on the ocean, Elsa - 7, Elna - 3, Svea - 2, and myself - 10,...

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Letter From Peter To Augusta

This letter was written by Peter Hansen to Augusta Hansen during the summer of 1898. Peter was working as a fisherman in Astoria, Augusta and children were living on the farm.

Astoria 9th July 1898

Dear loving wife and children,

Thank you so much for your dear letter which I received with great joy. I see that you all are doing well, working and struggling. I am happy to hear that you are able to do so well. I...

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Letter To Peter From His Mother In Denmark

This letter was written by Johanne Hansen in Agerso, Denmark, to Peter Hansen at the farm, in January 1894. Johanne died in April of the same year.

Agersø January 28th 1894

Dear son

Thank you so much for your loving letter that I received with great joy, from which I learn that you are healthy and doing well, for which I thank the good God in Heaven. Dear son, I can inform you that I am not as well as I...

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Letter From Niels to Peter

The following letter was written to Peter Hansen in 1903 by his cousin, Niels Hansen, who was in New Jersey at the time. It was unknown to Niels that Peter had already passed away in an accident on the Columbia river several months prior.

Hoboken 3rd March 1903

Dear Cousin

I would like to send you a few words because I made a trip back home and have just returned. I went home last fall to get married,...

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