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Cedar Creek Grist Mill History

Originally published as "Grist Mill meeting garners 75 visitors" in The Lewis River News, 1995

“My mother didn’t like the local ground flour as well as store bought. She said it was too sticky.” said one. “Did you ever eat the middlings for breakfast with cream and sugar?” asked another. “In 1922, when i was 17, i caught 23 trout under the covered bridge.” contributed an old timer....

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Hansen Family Land Ownership

The Hansen family has lived on or near this portion of land on the North Fork Lewis River since the late 1800's, But the story of the land begins much earlier. Here is the simplified story of this land and it's people since "modern" civilization, and into the present.

Hayes, and Gardener Donation Land Claim

The Donation Land Claim Act was enacted in late 1850 by the United States Congress. It was intended to promote...

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